Diversity & Inclusion that matters

The Windclusion Alliance to strengthen the industry 

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The Who

Windclusion is a global alliance promoting inclusion, diversity and a universal mindset in the wind industry.

Sustainable energy is for all and as leading names in the wind industry, we have come together to encourage and inspire people from diverse backgrounds to be a part of this journey where they have equal opportunity to contribute, grow and be proud of their achievements.

The Why

The global offshore and onshore wind industry is driving a paradigm shift in energy transition as more countries and corporations are racing to lower their emissions.

For the wind industry to meet its massive growth targets and appear attractive to employment seekers, we need to collectively boost our own inclusive culture and work together with the industry stakeholders to nurture diverse and inclusive talent pipelines.

There are abundant opportunities in the wind industry available to all regardless of gender, nationality or ability. We want you to follow the winds of change to help build a greener future for all!

Energy is for everyone... and so is a career in wind.

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Frequently asked questions

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