Why Owens Corning is part of the Windclusion alliance

At Owens Corning, we aspire to create a culture of appreciation, where all employees are heard and appreciated for the value each distinct voice brings to the team

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An inclusive environment is a key enabler for leveraging diversity and driving company growth.

We need to be intentional in our support for those that represent the many and varied dimensions of diversity. It's not only about race, gender, or sexual orientation; it also includes age, ethnicity, work style, and experience among others. 

Beyond acknowledging diversity, inclusion is fundamental. It means creating an environment where employees feel safe to ask questions, share ideas, and bring their full serves to work every day. It’s this kind of environment that can foster high-performing teams.

Owens Corning embeds regional I&D Councils and a network of affinity groups worldwide focusing on these various topics helping make progress every day. It feels natural to join the Windclusion Alliance to join forces and build a more Inclusive & diverse environment.

Frequently asked questions

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