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Our Mission

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Energy is for everyone...and so is a career in wind.

Today, the wind industry has a strong foundation of dedicated, skilled and passionate people working globally to ensure that wind energy is for today, tomorrow and the future.

Just as we believe that wind is the future, so too is a future where people of all social identities and backgrounds are attracted to and included in the wind industry.

We know from research that diverse teams generate new ideas, are more innovative, find better and faster solutions, reduce risks, take better decisions and create better financial performance. By including diversity, we not only provide sustainable energy solutions, but also sustainable people choices.

To ensure that wind is the energy of choice, we must not only increase the number of people working in wind, but also increase our reach to include people with diverse experiences and insights. This especially means attracting qualified, yet-still-underrepresented people from all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, social identities, cultures, professional and academic backgrounds—and beyond. The diversity of thought and perspectives is the only way our industry is truly sustainable, from products to people.  


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Our purpose

With our passion and dedication to wind and inclusion, we have created the Windclusion Alliance:

  • To build awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the wind industry.
  • To expand our talent pipeline and increase our reach to the employees of today and tomorrow.
  • To inspire and engage future generations to consider a career in wind energy—because the young generations are our future.
  • To create an industry that is attractive, welcoming, and inclusive for everyone.
  • To create an industry-wide culture where everyone can unleash their potential in our purpose-driven work.
  • To share knowledge and best practices amongst the Alliance to work towards these goals.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the wind industry is more diverse, that everyone feels welcomed and valued, and that a culture of inclusion is the everyday way of being. 

Just like our turbines are always turning, we too are constantly evolving. We welcome you to join Windclusion’s journey to make the wind industry more diverse—and importantly, more inclusive.


Frequently asked questions

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